I.V Sets and Accessories

Needle Free Connectors
Needle-Free Connectors
MaxZero™ Needle-Free Connector(s)
MaxPlus™ Needle-Free Connector(s)
SmartSite™ Needle-Free Connector(s)
Texium™ Safety Disposables
NeutraClear™ Needle-Free Connector(s)

All Types
Volumetric Pump
Syringe Pump

Care Areas
Paediatrics and Neonatal Sets
Critical Care
General Ward
Home Care
Pain Management

Clinical Application
Gravity Sets
Extension Sets
Connector Sets
Blood Transfusion Sets
Secondary Sets
Stopcocks and Stopcock Manifolds
Filter Sets
Burette Set
PushFit Cap

Light Resistant
PVC is not part of the material formulation
DEHP is not part of the material formulation
Natural rubber latex is not part of the material formulation
Lipid Resistant
Low Sorbing
Polyethylene lined PVC

Disc Filter
Drip Chamber Filter
EndoToxin Filter
Vented Filter
Flat Filter
Hydrophobic Priming Cap
Round Filter
Bell Filter
Filters (other)

Dedicated Sets
Non-dedicated Sets

Other Accessories
Sorbaview Dressing
Sorbaview Securement

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